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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I know I had not posted here in a while, more or less dealing with my rant blog and also my radio show blog, but I have to thank many people whom I had met throughout the 2012 campaign.

To Michael B. Smith - we have been through thick and thin from our days on the Herman Cain Dashboard back in the Summer of 2011. While we might have parted ways back in late December 2011 to early January 2012 due to you supporting Santorum when I supported Mr. Newt, I am ever thankful to you for allowing me 2 hours every Saturday to vent and let my crazed mind roam on Conservative Nation Radio.

To Texas or Busted and the gang at Own The Narrative - I know I have not been with you since the beginning, but I thank you for welcoming me into the fold and letting me say some of the most off the wall things from time to time.

To Harriet Baldwin and Patricia Baber - Thank you both for being former co-hosts with me on Red, Right, and Blue. No matter what, I still consider you a part of the Red, Right, and Blue family as well as a part of the Conservative Nation Radio family.

To Billie Cotter - Thank you for stepping up and being my co-host on Red, Right, and Blue. We might disagree on a couple of things, but no matter what we always make the show as interesting and intriguing as can be.

To Robert Stacy McCain - I know we had not talked all that much on Twitter, but in the few conversations we had, you are a very wise person. Keep up the good work with The Other McCain, one of the best blog out there as far as news goes.

To Becca Lower - You have come a long way in the year or so since we had met. I am thankful you had stepped in for Patricia that one time on Red, Right, and Blue and that catapulted you into making your own blog and now your own website at Lowering the Boom. Keep up the good work.

To Tamara Holder - I knew the first time I heard you on Sean Hannity’s Radio Show that you are one of the few liberals (or leftists) that I can tolerate, and I was right. You and Sean have the best interaction I have ever seen, and every time I see you on his show or anywhere on Fox News Channel I always grin because you are passionate in your beliefs but you do it with class.

I know there are others I might be forgetting, but you all have been an inspiration to me over the past year. I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Here’s to good friends and good times now and in the year to come!