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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Three B’s of Herman Cain

As I was scanning the Internet (and Facebook in particular) for various articles I had come across a well-written note by Paul Pablo Morrison in regards to Herman Cain.


The "Three B's" of Herman Cain"


by Paul Pablo Morrison on Thursday, April 28, 2011 at 7:22pm


Ok, before you go any further and exclaim, "I thought I was reading about an important potential candidate for President...not some political wannabe," I want to make it clear that this is an article about me. I ask you stick around, and read all the way to the end. It will become evident why the title "The Three B's' of Herman Cain" is an accurate description of my thoughts about the man, and why I believe is a excellent candidate for President.

Let's start by you understanding that I am a C-SPAN junkie. I will often listen to the house or senate proceedings while I'm working. So my watching this interview with Mr. Cain was not unusual, even though I had NEVER heard his name prior. What initially caught my attention was that the program was "Road to the White House," and Mr. Cain was labeled as "Syndicated Columnist and Radio Talk Show Host." Cool... I am always happy to see another Walter Williams or Armstrong Williams. What kept my attention was how he clearly articulated his views, and how I was thinking that he might be "one of us six percenters." That's a term I started using sometime back in my 20's when I realized that my values more identified with republicans than democrats, and had read that only 6% of black males voted for Ronald Reagan. Did I mention that I started watching this interview about half way in? Everything I knew about this man, I had learned having watched about ten minuets of this C-SPAN interview that had been airing for about a half hour. But I knew one thing for sure... this man is a leader about whom I would spend much time getting to know.

What are the "Three B's..." that I've identified as reasons I can support Herman Cain as a candidate for President? Simply... Business, Banking, and Bureaucrat.

Business. What caught my attention about his success in business is a belief that he has a much better than average knowledge of people. Not only his employees, but consumers. His success at Coca-Cola and Pillsbury demonstrate a certain management capability. But being a good manager and a good leader are often not the same. What he did with Burger King and Godfather's Pizza can be truly called talented leadership. In the restaurant industry he knew that being successful meant starting from “the ground up.” He broiled hamburgers at Burger King store for nine months, before being assigned to lead a low performing region of 450 Burger King restaurants. Within three years his organization

was the best-performing region in the U.S. I am a firm believer that the best leaders started by doing and understanding, the same tasks as the individuals they lead. I'm positive my success as a supervisor in reservations and on the ramp at United Airlines was because of the time I spent as doing the jobs of those whom I led, which indicates to me that Mr. Cain has a desire to do the same.

Banking. The next issue that got my attention was the fact that he has been involved as a leader in the Federal Reserve system. I know NOTHING about how the banking world operates, other than it seems easy for those in the business to talk much more about problems, than offer solutions. It occurs to me that a POUTS who has experience in this area might know a thing or two about fixing what is broke.

Bureaucrat. The one thing that most interested me about Mr. Cain past (and that I am positive will be overlooked,) is his experience working as a government employee. While many conservatives who identify with Tea Party type organizations consider his "outside the beltway" status to be a primary advantage, I believe that his years of experience is having worked at the Department of the Navy may be the MOST significant influence on how he would perform as President. Myself, having been an officer in the military, an employee of the Census Bureau, and a student at the National Fair Housing Training Academy, can tell you that there is nothing better to prepare a person to fix the bureaucracy... than having been part of it! Also, Mr. Cain's involvement in government includes his service as a member of the "Economic Growth and Tax Reform Commission that was established by Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, and Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole. And thinking about the attention that "Obamacare" is currently receiving. I consider it an interesting parallel that Mr. Cain’s business experience, and his dealing with the government, includes him being credited as having significant involvement with the defeat of "Hillarycare." And as chairman of the National Restaurant Association, he spoke with President Clinton during a nationally televised town hall meeting. He challenging the President Clinton regarding the impact on businesses of the proposed health care overhaul. In response to the President's attempt to assure the audience that his legislation would not harm American business owners or their employees Mr. Cain said, “Quite honestly Mr. President, your calculations are incorrect. In the competitive marketplace, it simply doesn’t work that way.”

Business, Banking, and Bureaucrat. Short and simple... you now know why I believe that Herman Cain would make a good presidential candidate. So, does what I've presented give you enough information that YOU now have a reason to consider voting for him in your states primary? No,I have not! I said at the beginning that this is about me. I want you to understand the reason that I am excited about working with his team to give you that that reason.

I'm a military guy, and I am focused on the mission. From Mr. Cain's bio, "With enough faith and determination, I knew we could go as high in corporate America as I desired. Let us make our MISSION to work together to reach that point that God desires." Yes... he is considered a long shot, all but ignored by the mainstream media, and most certainly the kind of republican that the RNC hacks wish would "know his place." That makes me want to work to put him in the position that our country needs. But as just a voter from Indiana, I am unimportant. It really does not matter whom I may believe to be the most qualified to lead this country.. until that person is receives the nomination!

I had second thoughts as I heard Mr. Cain proudly say that he had never held political office. But it also reminded me that I have often said, "The best candidates make the worst elected officials, and vice versa." What matters is what the individual, and those for whom he/she has support, accomplish in an effort to become the nominee. So, in the interest of full disclosure, I am a political "professional." And that means I'm all about winning. Agreeing with a man I have never met in person, and casting a vote for him is great. But I'm willing to work with individuals who know how to win, or want to learn the process. Talking about policy issues is great, as long as it is in the context of getting votes. It really is all about winning the nomination... and then becoming President. ( Ok, that's all I got for you.)