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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why do I support Herman Cain?

I was just a casual follower of politics, voting when I can and even (since 2000) worked the Exit Polls (in 2000 and 2004) and was the final count taker (in 2008) during the Presidential Election. However, ever since I first heard Herman Cain when he filled in for Neal Boortz in 2010 I was excited for the first time about politics when Cain mentioned his common sense solutions to the economy and to a few other issues which are plaguing America today. Herman Cain is a straight forward talker not pulling any punches or hiding behind others like some of today’s politicians do. Then too, Cain himself says he is not a politician but rather a problem solver with over 40 years of business and executive  experience.

The main reasons I am supporting Herman Cain for president is as follows:

  • As noted above, he is not a politician. For those of you who might scoff at me because of that I tell you exactly what Herman Cain says. “Everyone in Washington has held public office before. How’s that working out for you?” All too often we see the politicians line their pockets and not REALLY LISTEN to the taxpayers and voters who put them in office.
  • He is very eloquent and straightforward in speaking on the issues. As I mentioned above, Cain does not pull any punches or hide behind others but rather is out there telling it like it is. Many people also try to walk back their words or say one thing but mean the other. He does not.
  • He is very Reaganesque. Granted, I might be a little young to REALLY remember the Reagan Administration, but from what I had read and heard on TV and radio Ronald Reagan was by far one of the best presidents this country had during the 20th century. When I watch Herman Cain give a speech or even listen to or watch some of his conversations with newsmen, he comes straight out and tells it like it is, especially on some of the hard issues like the economy and the like.

As he had noted during his announcement on May 21, 2011, at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, “I am running for President of the United States, and I am not running for Second!” I for one am not happy with how the politicians are holding this country hostage and we need a TRUE problem solver in the White House. Hence, I am supporting Herman Cain.


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