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Monday, January 2, 2012


If you are bored and fed up with the usual media spin of the caucuses and primaries, tune in tomorrow beginning at 8 PM Eastern for something different. That is right, tomorrow the Iowa Caucus will be SUPERCHARGED and updated from the point of view of the PEOPLE!


Beginning at 8 PM Eastern (7 PM Central) Conservative Nation Radio will hook up with Right Voice 4 Real Change and give you 6 hours of coverage you have never heard before. What are Conservative Nation Radio and Right Voice 4 Real Change you might ask? Two networks which are run and hosted by common people and not the media pundits and The Establishment. During the Prime Time block from 8 – 10 PM Eastern (7 – 9 PM Central) Jason Marshall and Michael B. Smith will be guest hosts on Women Patriots with Billie Cotter and Special Guest Julie Hyland. Then from 10 PM – 2 AM Eastern (9 PM – 1 AM Central) Jason will be hosting Right Voice 4 Real Change with Co-hosts Daniel and Billie Cotter, featuring contributions from Michael B. Smith, Julie Hyland, and hopefully Kyouri Kai, Stephen Williams and Brenda Ward of


Tune in and get a fresh view of the Iowa Caucus, from the eyes of WE THE PEOPLE!