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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Herman Cain and the Federal Reserve

Many people say they will not vote for Herman Cain because he worked at the Federal Reserve and that he is a banker and globalist. While it is true he worked at the Federal Reserve (as had been noted in many blog articles and videos) he should know better than anyone how it works and what is needed. In fact, he has said what we should do about the Federal Reserve in the video below:

Herman Cain on the Gold Standard AND the Federal Reserve (3:45 in)

Many hear his words and say that he had not answered it correctly. Let me tell you that Herman Cain ALWAYS answers questions COMPLETELY, SPECIFICALLY, and SUCCINCTLY every single time he speaks. The reason for that is because he is not a politician but a problem solver. The difference between politicians and problem solvers is that politicians have RHETORIC and PLATITUDES while problem solvers have PLANS and SOLUTIONS. Herman Cain knows that it is the job of CONGRESS to audit and control the Federal Reserve. They had not, and the fault of that lies squarely on their head.

Herman Cain said it well when he said there are people who think we should end the Federal Reserve and those who think we should fix the Federal Reserve, and if the enders will let the fixers talk, then “maybe you’ll understand why I believe we can FIX IT!” He has answered the question many times and is sick of people continuing to hammer him when he had answered it many times. Also, as seen HERE and also HERE, Herman Cain’s work at the Fed makes him THAT MUCH MORE qualified as he knows what is involved to lower the debt and bring this economy back to prosperity.