Monday, April 22, 2013

Terrorism, Patriotism, and Education: A Guest Blog


Terrorism, Patriotism, and Education

BostonStudentsCelebratingA terrorist caught. A nightmare subsided. A city relieved. But one week after the double bombs ripped through the crowds at the world renowned Boston Marathon, many questions remain. But it seems that some questions are more acceptable to ask out loud than others.

As residents of Boston came out of an area-wide lockdown, it was particularly noted that thousands of college students poured out into the streets to celebrate the end of an intense week. Boston is, after all, dotted with institutions of higher learning, some of which are among the most prestigious schools in the world. They cheered with the passing of each law enforcement or EMS vehicle. They sang patriotic songs. They waved the American flag. They chanted, “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” Such a vast display of patriotism has not been seen since the days following 9-11.

But won’t those same students return to the Liberal bastions that are our American universities to continue to be further propagandized with political correctness and anti-Americanism? That is, without a doubt, what is happening in the vast majority of American colleges and universities. Will those students now notice that that is what has been happening in school? Will they speak up or do anything to change that? The troubling answer is: probably not.
They are a generation which has been subtly infused with the dangerously silencing practice of political correctness, and one of the biggest culprits in perpetrating this silencing has been our education system.

Additionally, there has been a subtle curriculum of anti-Americanism in our schools, from grade school all the way up to - and especially in – our colleges and universities. Incidents surface with increasing frequency where parents discover that their grade school or high school child has been subjected to a lesson with disturbing anti-American content. Parents have learned of lessons in which the 9-11 terrorists responsible for the deaths of three thousand Americans are portrayed as “freedom fighters” or where young students are taught that “Americans are seen as ‘the terrorists’ in some other parts of the world”. A recent report surfaced in Florida where a college student was subjected to disciplinary action for openly refusing to take part in a class exercise where students were instructed to write the name of Jesus on a piece of paper, place it on the floor, and stomp on it.

And anti-Americanism also includes the subtle inculcation of the principles of socialism in young, impressionable American minds because socialism is NOT the American way of doing things. In fact, our form of government was specifically designed to avoid such things, but the foundational principles upon which our country was solidly built are now being taught with less depth and detail and more criticism. Our students are being short-changed as the wool is pulled over their eyes regarding their own freedom. The Liberal educational agenda robs them of the very knowledge and understanding of their rights and freedoms, and political correctness robs them of their true freedom of speech.

It has long been a tradition in learning, especially at the university level, to challenge students to think in new ways or from different perspectives. Learning about other cultures is a good thing. It can be fascinating. But being subtly taught to sacrifice one’s own identity and values for fear of offending another’s takes it entirely too far. And discontinuing the tradition of “American exceptionalism” – the feeling that there is something special about our own country - and replacing it with a subtle shaming is in itself shameful.

So, will those students in Boston retain that swelling of patriotism that we have seen displayed in these days after the Marathon bombings, or will they return to the status quo of the insidious indoctrination that has been occurring for decades in our schools and universities?

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