Saturday, February 9, 2013

Alinsky vs. Breitbart

In my 3 years of being involved politically, I had seen the war out there. However, it is not just conservative v. liberal as many think. In all actuality, it is Alinsky v. Breitbart.

What do I mean by the war is Alinsky v. Breitbart? The answer is complex but it is also simple. It is complex because of the media Complex that those on the left use. By the media Complex I am referring to not only the mainstream media but also the way they handle the news. For instance, the media in the northeast had been reporting on the blizzard but failed to report on the conservative march against gun control inside one of the state capitals. It is simple because we can SEE what they had been doing for some time.

The difference between then and now is that we had no way to combat it until now. And THAT is where Andrew Breitbart comes into play. In his book Righteous Indignation, he made mention of what Alinsky looked for in a community organizer as well as how he built his tactics. I will get into the full explanation of how Alinsky did that later, but to sum it up he lays out his plan for the “Have-Nots” against the Haves” in his book Rules for Radicals.  While Alinsky had put out a way to divide America, Andrew Breitbart had put out a way to unite America. We have the will and capability. All we have to do is not be afraid to go out there and actually DO it.

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  1. "All we have to do is not be afraid to go out there and actually DO it." There in lies the crux of the argument: NOT BE AFRAID.