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Sunday, January 6, 2013

What is #TGDN?

So last night I had seen the hashtag #TGDN floating about and was wondering about it. Luckily I was not the only one as Danielle Saul was also wondering the same thing. Our friend Becca Lower had piqued our interest with the following tweet:

And then it turns out that Todd Kincannon started the #TGDN with the following tweets:

If you are not following Todd Kincannon, do so. You can also read more about #TGDN from the following bloggers:

As I had mentioned in my 42nd rant #TwitterGulag has ties to Brett Kimberlin (aka the Speedway Bomber) and this is one way we as conservative bloggers and even twitterers can thwart him and other liberals. Let all help Mr. Kincannon and join the #TGDN to help shut down the #TwitterGulag once and for all or (at least) make it irrelevant.

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  1. This is the pervert that is doing this.