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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Election 2012: ALL 50 states are up for grabs

I have mentioned on Own The Narrative a few times, as well as on Facebook and Twitter, that based on Fast and Furious, ObamaCare, and Sandra Fluke that all 50 states are up for grabs. Oh sure there will be states (like California, Illinois, and New York) which will vote for Obama but the key is by HOW MUCH Obama will win by in those states. Many people have told me that Romney should write those states off as unwinnable but I feel that if he holds Obama to within a single digit margin in those states, then it will be a victory for him. The key will be whether it will be a moral victory if Romney gets the 270+ electoral votes (I say Romney will get 326 or 327, Titan92 of Own The Narrative says 316, and Hey_Sherm also of Own the Narrative says 320) or a pyrrhic victory should Obama somehow win a second term.

According to an article by Colorado University, all signs point to a Romney landslide with 320 electoral votes for Romney with 218 for Obama. Though the study mainly focuses on the Electoral College, the study also said that 52.9% of the popular vote will go to Romney as opposed to 47.1% for Obama. This just leads more credence to my theory about all 50 states being up for grabs, especially as in the article it says that Romney will win all the swing states Obama won in 2008.

Those signs which point to a Romney landslide focus mainly on Jobs and the Economy. There are no social conservatism issues mentioned in this study at al. The reason for that is because social conservatism loses elections, and we are definitely seeing that with the Todd Akin v. Claire McCaskill race in the Missouri Senate race. Akin had a 10 point lead until last Saturday when he mentioned the thing about “legitimate rape” and then it saw the polls shift to McCaskill leading by 10 points in the span of 3 days, leading to the Cook Report stating that Akin is unelectable and that the Missouri Senate seat will remain unwinnable to Republicans as long as Akin stays in the race.

Outside of the Missouri Senate seat, I am confident we will keep the House, take back the Senate AND win the White House with Romney. And with that in mind we have to all we can to make 2012 a Republican victory.

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